Media Check

Do you struggle with backup storage media rotations? You’re not alone.

While cloud or internet backups may be all the rage. There are those who prefer to perform on-site backups. The reasons are many: more control, better data security, longer retention times, lack of internet speed, cheaper costs, etc. If this is your situation, then you’ve come to the right place. The biggest issue with local backup is the media rotation process. You’ve probably had them all: someone forgot, someone is out sick or on vacation, they got confused, and so on. All these lead to missed backups which is a never good thing.

Media check to the rescue. Media check, is a small Windows program, that makes it easy to assure the correct backup media is available for the next backup process. Here’s how it works. Once configured for the proper backup process and storage media rotation, it verifies that the required storage media is available. If it’s not, it will run up to three command lines. These command lines can be anything you’d like. Send an e-mail to the user(s) or displaying a pop-up message on their system(s). You could do one or multiple methods to notify them that action is needed. It can remind them when they forget. It can tell the users when they’ve made a mistake. All they have to do is follow the instructions that media check provides. Following a the proper media rotation is now very easy. No more accidentally overwritten or missed backups!!!

Media check is simple, easy to use, and works with any backup software. Please call 317-489-0722 x 113 for additional information, pricing and support.